Monday 11 March 2013

Tender Loving Care

A video installation by Ryan Grayley.

Exhibited at London Gallery West Best of Photography Show in 2007.

‘This is the work that has impressed me the most…a really humane and engaging piece of work.’ David Foster 2007.

Troubled by the visual representation of trauma and death in a world increasingly characterised by simulacra, I wanted to portray more realistic and engaging narratives. After extensive research and experimentation, I attempted to fuse characteristics of both moving and still imagery while exploiting the newly emerging high definition video technologies. My choice of subject material was carefully considered and concerns the illness and eventual death of my Deaf father-in-law.

Dedicated to the late Charles Walter Linkin and all those who struggle with cultural difference.

2007-06-27: Exhibited at London Gallery West Best of Photography Show.

2007-06-21: Exhibited at London Atlantis Gallery.